2018 Global Health Bootcamp: Chiapas

In a shift from years prior, we have moved our Global Health Pathway bootcamp from India to Chiapas in Southern Mexico, graciously hosted by the Mexican NGO Companeros en Salud (CES). CES works to provide healthcare in rural Mexico by providing support for pasantes (Mexican physicians who have just graduated from medical school and are doing a year of social service for the government before continuing their careers). The global health residents for this year (Gaelle Brun-Cottan, Carolina Geadas, Drew Hunter, and Alyse Wheelock) spent two weeks in some of the rural communities shown below working and living with the pasante in their community  Рwe now have gathered in the small city of Jaltenango at the CES headquarters for 5 days of small group didactic sessions and debriefing about their work.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the week and to the upcoming 2 years with our new members of the Global Health Pathway!

CES sites

(yellow is the headquarters, red are the 10 rural clinics)