Dec & Jan Global Health Readings


A surprising and sudden departure of World Bank President Jim Kim into private sector financial work. Unclear why this happened – it is hard not to think that some private matter (health, family, MeToo, etc) underlies the decision. Regardless, this has implications for global development, especially as President Trump will have an outsized say in who takes the helm at the World Bank.


Devex piece discussing US legislation of global health import for 2019. As they note, the biggest questions will center around what the “main stage” events are in Congress – foreign aid is a small enough issue that it could putter along undisturbed, or very easily be heavily hit amongst larger budget discussions.


A longer piece, but a worthwhile one.  Hickel tackles the narrative of radical improvements in global poverty, pointing out that there are issues with a range of the metrics as well as the conclusions drawn. Definitely thought provoking; I will need to read more of the studies he cited.


An interview with the Gates Foundation CEO – interesting in terms of thinking where they are putting their efforts. Includes a link to their annual “report” (this year a youtube video).


And finally, my pediatric colleagues recently completed this great guide to GH in pediatric residencies. It is lightyears ahead of what we have in internal medicine, and something I need to go through in detail!


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