July Global Health Readings


A fascinating – and depressing – read exploring the attacks on Ebola responders in Congo and the very complicated layers of politics that perhaps underpin them.  Towards which, this USAID proposal to have rapid response teams that are potentially supported by military units – controversial to say the least within development circles – has some bearing:



As does this setback in the polio vaccination campaign in Pakistan – also involving social media and the killing of aid workers. The impact of “fake news” is not a new finding politically, but these seem like test cases demonstrating the damage this can do within the realm of healthcare. Likely worse to come:





On a positive tip, this is a really cool idea for medication dispensing developed in South Africa – the queues experienced by patients in many settings (including ours) are truly horrific, and the notion of making it swifter to get your medications makes great sense to me.



For other medication delivery approaches, Drew’s drone article for the month.

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