Sept Global Health Readings

A bit of a delay in these emails – I was appointed to an APD role in August, which has been excellent but a lot of work up front – but we are back on track!

Melinda and Bill Gates op-ed focusing on concerns about the reduction in extreme poverty stalling, and laying out some methods to address this possibility (that, unsurprisingly, they are funding).
NEJM trial of a TB vaccine providing 50% reduction in infection. Certain to be repeated elsewhere, but if validated, a game changer.
This editorial discusses the recent report Crossing the Global Quality Chasm – those who’ve done the global health bootcamp will remember the repeated readings by Jishnu Das, and this report pulls together many of the elements that Das’ work highlights.  I’m working through the full report, which looks to be a pretty seminal occasion. Quality has been an oft missing aspect of global health to date.
This NPR piece is something of a feel-good one, discussing how reducing factory heat in India via replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs increased worker productivity. It’s nice to have stories where everyone wins – the workers are in greater comfort, the employers get a greater profit, and greenhouse gases are reduced.
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