November Global Health Readings

A bit delayed, but better late than never!

Also a bit delayed, but my annual plug for people to consider using to help guide your charitable giving. I think the case for a greater impact in such donation nicely parallels evidenced based medicine, and have used this organization to help target the bulk of my donations through the year (while certainly keeping some smaller amount targeting organizations associated with friends or having sentimental value).


A brief but powerful post from Max Roser laying out why development work is important, and situating it in the greater arc of history.  A great example of a short but hard-hitting blog post for my current residents.



A depressing piece focusing on Nigeria’s loss of doctors to higher income countries. As the author notes, sub-Saharan African governments are subsidizing the workforce of developed countries


Bad news as the DRC Ebola outbreak continues to grow.

Good news as the UK meets the UN 90-90-90 goal


Finally, a piece about DFID – the UK equivalent to USAID – working to protect their control of the UK budget for Official Development Assistance. We don’t read as much about how other countries approach their development aid, for understandable reasons. I found this interesting both in the insights into another country’s approach to aid as well as the interplay between agencies that arises within all large organizations.

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